Paper Appreciation Course

2018/07/18 To 2018/11/21

This course is ideal for new employees of any level who have commenced employment in the paper & print related industries within the last few months and also those who have worked in the industries for some little time but have never seen an actual working paper-making machine.

There are two courses now in place for 2018 being:

Wednesday 18th July at The Paper Trail at Hemel Hempstead (PAC FS12)

Wednesday 21st November at James Cropper Plc at Kendal in Cumbria (PAC FS13)

The Course Lecturer will again be the ever-popular John Watson.

The Paper Trail is a really interesting venue, well deserving of a visit in its own right ( and is conveniently situated for most of the UK being 25 miles north of London at Hemel Hempstead. It's also great to be returning to James Cropper’s in November – one of the few fine paper mills still producing in the UK and a lovely part of the country as well.

I usually limit the number of delegates on these courses to 12 maximum to ensure quality teaching time for all attending.

This “Paper Appreciation Course” (formerly the NAPM Paper Appreciation Course) is unique in that it focuses on the benefits that paper and its attributes bring to the end-uses. So whilst we discuss the many elements of paper production, at each stage we describe what that part of the process does for the paper, for example, formation, opacity, thickness, stiffness, and so on. 

Papermaking is taught from the consumers’ angle.

The key objective of the course is not to produce budding papermakers, but for the delegates to better understand the attributes of the various grades of paper and what they bring to the end products. 

This one-day course is ideal for employees who would not normally have the chance to visit a fully working paper mill but are working within the paper merchanting, printing, publishing or associated industries.


"This course gave me a different view on the paper I deal with into how it was made and the role it is destined for."

"This course will help me focus more on the end-users requirements - customer first!"

"Fantastic. Enjoyed my day and will definitely recommend."

"Really enjoyed the visit and would gladly come back!

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